Are you tempted to Temp?

As a Temp with Carousel, one day you may be sent on an assignment to cover a PA who is unwell, the next you may be helping out at an event at the 02.

Temps keep businesses moving…

We're sure that without temps businesses would grind to a halt, not just in London but across the country.

The life of a temp is diverse and interesting; you need to have a strong skill set, impeccable punctuality, a 'can do' attitude and the ability to work across different industry sectors.

Want to join our world of temping?

Firstly, you will need to submit your CV and provide proof of eligibility to work in the UK. Our Head of Temps will then contact you to discuss your application further.


Temp timesheet…

Need a temp timesheet, just use the button on the right.
All timesheets need to be received by 12 pm on the following Monday to ensure your payment is on time. Email it here.


Temping with Carousel FAQ's

Your weekly pay will be in your bank on a Friday, this is the official payment day as shown on your payslip (excepting bank holidays or Christmas, then you will be paid the last working day before the Bank holiday).