Are you tempted to Temp?

As a Temp with Carousel, one day you may be sent on an assignment to cover a PA who is unwell, the next you may be helping out at an event at the 02.

Temps keep businesses moving…

We're sure that without temps businesses would grind to a halt, not just in London but across the country.

The life of a temp is diverse and interesting; you need to have a strong skill set, impeccable punctuality, a 'can do' attitude and the ability to work across different industry sectors.

Want to join our world of temping?

Firstly, you will need to submit your CV and provide proof of eligibility to work in the UK. Our Head of Temps will then contact you to discuss your application further.


Temp timesheet…

Need a temp timesheet, just use the button on the right.
All timesheets need to be received by 12 pm on the following Monday to ensure your payment is on time. Email it here.


Temping with Carousel FAQ's

When is the official pay day?

Your weekly pay will be in your bank on a Friday, this is the official payment day as shown on your payslip (excepting bank holidays or Christmas, then you will be paid the last working day before the Bank holiday).

How do I get a timesheet?

Timesheets are emailed each week to your private email address as a PDF attachment. Only use the pre-printed timesheets that are emailed for each assignment. Do not use timesheets from a previous week or from any different assignments, as the timesheet is system automated and will have the timesheet number already allocated for that week. The timesheet week starts on a Saturday to the following Friday.

When is the Timesheet deadline?

Timesheets need to be sent to by 12pm on the Monday following your working week. All timesheets need to be dated and signed by the client otherwise this may affect your pay.

How do I update my personal information?

Any changes to your personal information needs to be sent to

Do I get paid a week in hand?

Yes, after working your first week for Carousel, you will receive payment the following week, and so on.

If I stop working as a Carousel, will I still receive my holiday pay entitlement?

Yes. If you decide you no longer wish to temp for Carousel, you simply need to contact your consultant and request any outstanding holiday pay. along with your P45.

How is my holiday pay calculated?

Holiday pay is calculated over 52 weeks or 12 months of earnings ( or as many periods as there are if less than a full years exist). 

How do I check how many days holiday I have?

Your cumulative holiday entitlement is shown on your weekly payslip.

How do I request a holiday?

You need to get any leave authorised with the client, at least 2 weeks in advance of the leave to be taken, you also need to email to advise which day’s you would like to get paid.

Do I get paid Bank Holidays?

Yes, providing you have accrued enough holidays whilst working for Carousel. You would then opt to use these to cover the Bank Holidays. This is not done automatically, you will need to request them. You can do this again, through your consultant or by email to

Can I carry my holidays over into the next year?

Any holiday pay entitlement must be taken during the same year that it is accrued unless agreed with your consultant beforehand, the company will only allow 3 days to be carried forward.

How do I request a P45?

If you require a P45 from your work with us at Carousel, you must request this from your consultant. We do not always send P45s automatically on termination of an assignment.


Carousel is pleased to advise that temporary workers are eligible for auto-enrolment into our Workplace Pension Scheme. The scheme, through NOW:Pensions, has been selected on the advice of a specialist pensions advisor. We believe it will suit the needs of our temps, and perform well with minimal risk involved.

Please note eligibility & enrolment onto the scheme depends on a number of qualifying criteria, so please feel to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Should you wish to speak to NOW:Pensions directly, their member support number is 0330 400 3334 and Carousels scheme reference is BK7E

Why have I been enrolled in the pension scheme?

Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work. It makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also pay money into the scheme.

How do I opt out of the pension scheme?

Following government legislation, every employee has a one calendar month period after being auto-enrolled into a pension scheme, where they can choose to opt out. An employee can also opt out outside this period, but may not be eligible for a short service refund.

For details on how to opt out, visit the NOW:Pensions website.