AI and Recruitment: Will experienced Talent Specialists be in higher demand as the technology is embraced by candidates?

With so many articles being posted and many differing opinions about the pros and cons of AI/ChatGPT and the recruitment industry, I decided to delve into the system and give it a go myself. Yes, this genuinely is the first time I have logged onto the system, so please forgive any first-timer ignorance.  (For the…

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Securing Talent In A Candidate’s Market

The pendulum has swung. There is no doubt that talent is in short supply – good candidates are few and far between and exceptional candidates are most certainly in the driving seat. Recruiters are no longer screening hundreds of applications for each vacancy. Gone are the days of being able to shortlist several great candidates…

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30 Years Of Success

30 Years Of Success By  Carole Pepperell   The story begins on a Sunday morning during the summer of 1991. Moving into my Covent Garden office, in the Piazza, with just a desk and a phone, I had the firm belief that, after years working for a London agency, I could go it alone and…

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Weathering The Storm

Carole Pepperell

Weathering The Storm by Carole Pepperell, MD   As December arrives I am truly grateful that we’ve got to this point. If someone had told me in March, as we entered lockdown, that we would still be in lockdown as we opened advent calendars, I would have balked at the incredulity of the remark. Yet, here…

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Nailing A Virtual Interview

Nailing A Virtual Interviewing

Pulling off a great interview is no mean feat, doing it over video conferencing is a whole new ball game and ensuring you impress the hell out of the interviewer during a global pandemic is crucial.  So how do you convince a recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job without ever meeting…

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Time To Reflect

Time To Reflect Carole Pepperell, Carousel’s MD I would imagine that, for the majority of people who are staying at home and potentially embracing the enforced slowdown, it is probably the first time in a very long time they have had the opportunity to appreciate what their hard work, sacrifices and long, late night finishes…

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How To Work Successfully From Home

Working from home

For a lot of companies, prior to the government’s Stay at Home initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of allowing employees to work from home filled them with dread. Overnight companies had to re-think the norm, problem-solve outside the box and allow those that could, the immediate ability to work from home.…

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Carousel Consultancy – Company Update

A message from Carole Pepperell, Carousel Consultancy’s Managing Director In view of the current situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I wanted to explain how Carousel Consultancy plans to operate over the coming weeks, even months if necessary. Thankfully none of the Carousel team has been affected by the virus and we are all undertaking all advised…

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What’s Our USP?

So, we’re a recruitment consultancy. We take vacancies from our clients and we match candidates looking for a new role to the vacancies we have. What’s new about that? What makes us any different to the thousands of agencies out there doing the exact same thing? Well, for a start we’re a team.  ‘Oh, come…

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