Dickens Comes to Kings Lynn

When we heard that movie stars were heading to King’s Lynn to film scenes for Armando Iannucci’s “Personal History of David Copperfield” we were rather excited to say the least.  It was really something to imagine that King’s Lynn was going back in time and we were likely to see Peter Capaldi, Hugh Laurie, Dev Patel and Tilda Swinton gracing our streets.  As it turned out, our very own leader, Carole Pepperell, was just as excited as she has a real passion for the writings of Charles Dickens.


Film Crew Assists With Norfolk Beach Fire

It was a welcome surprise to learn that such a project was being filmed in the heart of King’s Lynn, just a short walk from the Norfolk home of Carousel Consultancy.  We also learned the film crew had carried out some filming further up the Norfolk coast on Weybourne Beach.  Whilst they were filming, the crew saw a fire on Weybourne Road railway embankment.  Luckily they had brought their own water carrier with them which meant they were able to go around the fire site topping up the water tanks used by the fire crews.  It was a stroke of luck that they were in the right place at the right time for the film crew to help save the day!  Sadly, the fire destroyed 20 acres of Norfolk cornfields but without the assistance of the film crew the damage could have been worse.

Scene from David Copperfield filming - scene setting on the docks

Changes to the Streets of King’s Lynn

During a little break from the grindstone we did manage a peep at what was going on  and the statue of George Vancouver was covered over, traffic controls and parking restrictions were in force affecting King’s Staithe Square, South Quay, Saturday Market Place, Chapel Lane and King Street and St Margaret’s Place.  It was great to see a range of small boats along The Purfleet – one of these boats being none other than the restored Baden Powell (using Lottery Funding) – originally built in 1900 in a boatyard on the River Nar by Walter Worfolk.  There was an abundance of props to create an active working dock area in the King’s Lynn Customs House and Common Staithe Quay area.  Filming was clearly well underway in King’s Lynn and had been since 19 July 2018 with the final takes expected to finish today (20 July 2018).  It was very interesting to witness some filming around a horse and cart and a very Dickensian looking character but don’t ask us who the actor was.  We will have to wait until the final film is released and check the credits!


We would have loved to have been asked to recruit the extras and some key cast members as that is, of course, what we do best.  Maybe next time.

Finishing touches before the camera rolls - David Copperfield

Scene from David Copperfield filming - scene setting on the Kings Lynn docks

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Stella Gooch