Ethics Policy

Carousel Consulting Ltd

At Carousel, we take immense pride in the relationships we have formed with our clients and believe we have successfully shown in the past that we will challenge our contacts on role and candidate specifications, ensuring we have full insight in what is required and then often providing candidates who may not be exactly right on paper, but are more than capable of rising to the challenge and fulfilling the role, regardless of professional and personal background.

Providing honest and constructive feedback to both candidates and our clients is paramount to us; we believe it is crucial for both parties in order to develop, progress and even sometimes change professionally. We are happy to work alongside our clients and tailor our recruitment processes to fit their organisation’s specific diversity and inclusion requirements.

Carousel is a small yet highly successful boutique recruitment consultancy which, fortunately, has a very low turnover of staff. The majority of our consultants have been with the company for over 10 years and the senior team has been together for over 20.

We therefore don’t recruit regularly for ourselves, but as and when we do, we simply recruit the best person for the role, they may not have the full skill set required, or even extensive relevant experience, but at Carousel we think outside the box. We look for passion, enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism. Everything else can be learnt.