Time To Reflect

Time To Reflect

Carole Pepperell, Carousel’s MD

I would imagine that, for the majority of people who are staying at home and potentially embracing the enforced slowdown, it is probably the first time in a very long time they have had the opportunity to appreciate what their hard work, sacrifices and long, late night finishes have created, their home.
Working from my home office, whilst attempting to adapt to these unprecedented times, has certainly given me the opportunity to take stock and reflect. 

I am fully embracing this way of working; for Carousel it works and has worked for more than 15 years. Whilst remote working was never full time, working from home enabled each of my team to gain a positive work/life balance and now, with the advancing technology available to us, we can continue to service our clients and candidates no matter where we are. 

Carousel is still operating, albeit with a small yet mighty team who are fully connected to the outside world, and we are continuing to provide a successful recruitment service to our clients who need us. 

The light that is guiding us all and galvanising the nation is the NHS; the unsung heroes of yesteryear now being recognised for the amazing people they are and the world class service that they give each and every one of us when we are in crisis.

I feel inspired hearing of the combined efforts of our Government, the private sector, universities, entrepreneurs and manufacturers, working tirelessly to overcome the biggest global health crisis of our time. 

I feel humbled and thankful, proud and motivated. 

Team Carousel will be celebrating our 30th anniversary next year, a milestone that in normal circumstances is certainly an achievement to be proud of; given the current climate, I am not only proud but also feel invigorated and inspired and I wish to assure all our loyal clients and versatile workforce that we will still be here. 

We are following in the Great British spirit that has been so evident in Captain Tom Moore; a courageous and admirable man who not only fought another war for us all but is leading the way in showing all of us what we can achieve if we really put our minds to it.

Let’s all keep safe and carry on with the Great British spirit that binds us all. 


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Heidi Brooks

Heidi is our dedicated Marketing Manager. With more than 10 years as a successful recruitment consultant and 8 years in marketing, Heidi combines her first-hand knowledge of the recruitment sector and her innovative and creative skills to create and run all of Carousel's marketing campaigns across our many platforms in order to promote our brand. Heidi is also responsible for the creation and execution of advertising copy and works in partnership with many of our clients to deliver bespoke recruitment campaigns. Heidi's true passion for both recruitment and marketing is evident in all she does.