What’s Our USP?

So, we’re a recruitment consultancy.
We take vacancies from our clients and we match candidates looking for a new role to the vacancies we have.

What’s new about that? What makes us any different to the thousands of agencies out there doing the exact same thing?

Well, for a start we’re a team. 

‘Oh, come on, what a stereotypical answer’ I hear you cry. 

Well it’s true. 

We are a proper team, a solid team – where most team mates have worked together for more than a decade, some for more than two. 

‘Oh, you’re old hat then’

No, actually we’re not. 

Team Carousel

Immense experience gained in changing environments is paramount to success; ups and downs, highs and lows, industry changes, technology changes, legal changes – all experienced together makes for a very knowledgable, resilient and resourceful team. 

An old adage states ‘knowledge is power’ and that’s very, very true; but that doesn’t make us unique. There are many an experienced recruiter out there who has won and lost vacancies, contracts and PSLs over just as many years – but have they stayed in the same team for as long? 

Are they the pillars of the company, have they been intrinsic to the company’s success for over 25 years? Are they still at the top of their game after all that time? 

Our senior consultants and management team have stuck together through thick and thin, never swayed by the offers of apparently better salaries, better benefits or better opportunities offered elsewhere. 

In a sales environment KPIs, sales metrics and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets dominate. 

Have you reached your daily cold call target?
How many CVs have you downloaded from the job boards?
Have you interviewed 30 candidates this week?
Are your figures on target?
Will you smash your breakeven? 

For many it’s a numbers game. 

It can be a constant cycle of keeping up with figures and targets and the actual responsibility of seeking the right candidate for the right role falls by the way side. 

Not at Carousel. 

We don’t have set daily, weekly or monthly targets.
Yes, we want to do well, and yes we want to improve our figures year on year, but that’s about as far as it goes. 

No, we don’t individually have to interview 30 candidates every week.
No, we don’t have to cold call 25 businesses a day. 

Why? Because that’s not how we operate.  

Carole Pepperell established Carousel Consultancy 28 years ago, with a desire to provide an outstanding recruitment service to both clients and candidates. A service to rival the biggest high street chains, ‘specialist’ agencies and bespoke headhunters. 

In a nutshell, we’re driven to match the ideal candidate to our client’s vacancy. 

We’re matchmakers, we’re not number crunchers. 

When the pressure is on yes, we trawl through hundreds of CVs, yes we book in back-to-back interviews and yes we never seem to be off the phone, but that’s because we want to succeed. 

Not because management has dictated it. 

Not because our job is at risk if we haven’t met our targets. 

The recruitment industry is infectious, it’s addictive and it’s satisfying. 
It’s also infuriating, disappointing and exhausting.  

Our team is doing it because we love it.
And that’s our USP. 

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